Friday, December 05, 2003

Connie says I need to keep a little notebook with the Dutch vocabulary she is teaching me. Because I grew up in a really Dutch community, she says that my pronunciation is impressive. We even had a little Dutch language class when I was in third grade... most of which is forgotten, though I can still count to ten and sing a little song about a mouse.

So today's phrases are:

goede morgan (hoo-deh moor-hen): good morning
waarom niet (var-ohm neet): why not?
heel goed (heel hood): very good

(Of course, the "g" sound is that sort of phlegmy scraping noise that those other languages use.)

I'm ajMathelete
Just a little tidbit for you here. I don't know if everyone knows this... but a number is divisible evenly by 3 if the total sum of all the digits is divisible evenly by 3. (If you need to know why, read here.)

i.e. 2532 is divisible by 3, because 2+5+3+2=12 which is divisible by three. (2532/3=844)

This is an especially handy trick when you have two roommates and are trying to figure out utilities.

Cha-cha-chain... Chain of Fools
When trying to decide whether I want to link to a site which I may or may not eventually want to visit again, I think I try to err on the side of having too many than wishing I could find something again later only to find that I didn't put the link anywhere. (i.e. where in the world is that site where they let you order free skater, surfer, skiier and boarder stickers once every six months???)

So yesterday I came across Old Man in the Crosswalk (new blogger) who had linked to Darren Barefoot (Technical Writer, Playwright, Raconteur, Miscellanist, and Canadian) who linked to 25 Albums that Should Not Have Been Recorded.

We're on a Mission from God
So tonight I am getting paid overtime to go to some iTunes event on behalf of one of our clients. I think it will be interesting, but I'm not super into the schmooze level required for these kinds of things.

Today on The Daily Report: If Filmmakers were Web Designers.