Saturday, November 22, 2003

This Website Will Change Your Life. Brilliant. I need the book. My mother will be happy I have something to put on a Christmas List. I discovered that place from an article in yesterday's paper. I was sitting in the merchantile waiting for my lunch and laughing uncontrollably. Please go read the article... it's like chicken soup for the soul funny! (The world mood tracker is pure genius.)

And speaking of laughing... yesterday on Fresh Air, Terry interviewed Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog of Conan O'Brien fame. It was so unconventional. Terry actually snorted a couple of times due to her laughter. You can listen on their site... and it is worth it just to hear Terry Gross say: "Come Poop with Me."

So Sweet (In More Ways than One)
Andrea the angel somehow located 10 whole Toffee Bars of Joy. (Thank you! I really only just wanted to help.) Great to see you again, and it was a pleasure to meet your beautiful and charming children. :)

Oswald Et. Al.
For those who watched the Kennedy specials on television last night and need more info to digest and a place to debate, check out The Copydesk today. Martin has the enhanced Zapruder film online and available for download if you feel the need to watch it over and over again.

Blasted Batteries
We all know I'm not a big phone talker. But wouldn't you know last night I was having a conversation I really wanted to be having, and the battery pooped out right in the middle. (I think I missed the "low battery" warning when someone was trying to beep in.) No international service on my plan, so I wasn't able to call back when it was charged. I decided I am going to get an old school rotary phone that hangs on the wall and rings with a bell and never cuts out in the middle of conversations. (Or a table one like this.) - for the geeks. (Maybe it is links like these that make would make someone think I'm male.)

Since I recently became a celebrity, I thought
you should know that you can be one too.

Song for the Day:
Electric Avenue
(Real Audio) - Eddy Grant


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