Thursday, November 20, 2003

An Open Letter to Katie (and Curtis, Matt & Dan) at GA Tech

Dear Katie:

I am flattered (albeit somewhat freaked out) that you have chosen this site to be the focus of your Electronic Community project for your ENGL 1101 class. I don't know if this is some sort of creative writing assignment, or if you are supposed to base your project on actual truth... but I feel the need to clarify a few things that you seem to be a little confused about. So allow me to quote your findings and point out where you have gone astray in your assumptions.

Katie's Post for November 10th
Today on the blog people[1] decided to post pictures of flowers and describe the importance of what a single rose can do for someone.[2] Also there was a posting of one guy[3] who talked about how bad his day was. I gathered from his posting that he is a male from his late twenties[4] that works in a cubicle[5]. He talked about how his friend did not get the job that would've supported his wife and unborn child. Also, he spent hours on a project that ended up not working out and having to change it back to its original form. Another post was from someone who showed a picture of a lunar eclipse and shared that they experienced one the other night. The postings are very random and seem to be observations that they have had throughout the day[6].

1. First off -- only one person posts here, and that is me. Anyone is welcome to comment... but as for the main content, that would be moi.
2. Referring to my November 10th post, I'm not getting the flowers thing. Though I will say that the following two days I did post flower photos. (One of which is a poppy... ya know, for Veterans' Day.)
3. I am a girl. (See that picture up at the top? Me. See that little "About" link up there? All about me. Though I understand some people don't quite have the observation skills that I have, so let's move on.)
4. Again... girl, 26.
5. No cubicles here, but way to use your imagination! It's actually a house. My office used to be the bedroom of the woman who died there. (Just a side little tidbit for you there.)
6. The rest I'll pretty much give you.

Katie's Post for November 11th
Today there was a discussion on 80's cartoons that would make good cartoons[7]. They provided a link that allowed people to vote on it and see other options. People decided that Mask II[8] would be an excellent choice. There was also a somewhat morbid observation of one person who saw something disturbing on the news. He explained how there is someplace in Knoxville where they take dead people and leave them out in the elements to study decomposition. I think that is a little scary. What if you were just walking around in the woods and you see all these severely decomposed cadavers? I think that that would scar me for life[9].

7. I'd hardly call it a discussion, but yes, on November 11 I did post a link to an 80's-cartoons-to-movies article. (Although I didn't know about the voting section.)
8. I said "M.A.S.K. too"... as in "M.A.S.K. also". I think it's a little early to be thinking about the sequel, M.A.S.K. II.
9. Rest assured. There is a barbed-wire fence around The Body Farm.

Katie's Observation for November 14th 2003
Every Friday on the weblog, there is one user that provides a series of five random questions that people respond to. Today the questions were: 1. Using one adjective describe your living space. 2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employeer. 3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite pastimes/hobby. 4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day. 5. Using five adjectives describe your ideal life. There was a variety of adjectives used, from boring[10] to creative. Most people felt that their day is very atypical and boring[11]. It was agreed that most peoples living space was comfortable[12].

10. Yes, my November 14th post was lacking when it came to content... but must we go so far as to call it "boring"?
11. There you go with that "boring" word again.
12. Most people agreed because... well... it was all me.

Katie's Obsesrvation for November 16th 2003
There was only one post today from someone. They put a picture of a foggy landscape and proceeded to tell his fellow bloggers that he had been wishing for foggy weather, it came true, and he is sorry[13] for the people that live in his area. He also talked about his friend/girlfriend that came back into town from Chilli, and they went out for coffee.[14] I don't know about you, but if my friend or boyfriend[15] came into town from Chilli[16], which was probably a very long trip considering how excited he was, the last thing I would be doing is getting a cup of coffee. She just came from South America, where there is an abundance of awesome coffee, I don't think that is the ideal thing to initially do with his friend[17]. Maybe it's just me....[18]

13. Please don't put words in my mouth. I wasn't sorry.
14. Okay... here we start to get sloppy. Katie, Katie, Katie. Dan's over there reading pages upon pages of LOTR fan fiction, and you don't seem to even want to bother actually reading one sentence with any sort of comprehension. Allow me to quote myself: "Tina's back -- yay! We all went to Chili's to celebrate her birthday which was a couple weeks ago."
15. Tina is my roommate who went home for a month and a half.
16. Whoa... back up there, Skippy. Virginia. It's in North America.
17. You're freaking me out here. You really are. So here we go, from the top: Tina was gone; Tina came back; she was gone during her birthday; so we went to Chilis Restaurant (I even posted a link to the stinking place in case my kiwi didn't know what it was) for dessert to celebrate after she got back; the coffee was earlier in the day and had nothing to do with Tina whatsoever.
18. It is. Trust me, it is.

I was hesitant to write this, because frankly, I was curious to see if you would write anything else. However, I wanted to be sure the truth was conveyed well before you portrayed me as a complete loser. If you would take the time to actually read the site instead of just skimming it, I think you might find lots of interesting and humorous tidbits to brighten your day. That is the goal anyway.

Good luck and peace be with you.


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