Thursday, November 13, 2003

Oh. Crap. What a stressful episode of 24.

The American Undershirt: open letters to neighbors' dogs can be really funny.

Ooo... but not as funny as this. Got that from the other danielle. (Rated PG-13 for language.)

Okay... to all you people who think it's cool to be walking around with those larger-than-life blackberrys: I don't want to be hearing one single word about my vintage, non-fancy, clunky phone.
First, run out and see if your local florist is having a special on roses... and if not, go to Walmart. They are having some sort of November rose promotion. (At least the one near me is.) I have a huge bouquet of 20 gorgeous deep pink roses on my table -- for a mere nine dollars. They even smell nice. (You know how most roses don't smell anymore.)

100 Things About Me
#3. I hate poinsettias and also baby's breath.

Song for the Day:
Remind Me
- Royksopp
~And everywhere I go
There's always something to remind me
Of another place and time
But love that travelled far would find me~


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