Thursday, November 20, 2003

Holy crap, I think I've been blinded.

Jaron's Wacky Tales: Some of those sure are good. I'm particularly fond of the Kinko's tale... because we all know that the majority of their employees are retarded.

Great Post Header for the Day:
"So You Can Nail My Ass To The Wall And Call It Slack-As."
-- Tash... naah, we understand. School's out for summer! Whee. So glad about the phoneline. Must catch up. Must catch up.

So I need to take a little trip to the Tennessee Department of Revenue building today. I've never been there in all my years of doing corporate filings here. I wouldn't hate going into the governmental section of the city so much if I didn't have deal with the maze of one-way streets and severe lack of parking anywhere relatively close to where I need to be. Though maybe the parking gods will be on my side today.

Interestingly, I read here yesterday that work has begun on The Chronicles of Narnia at Peter Jackson's Weta Studios.


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