Friday, November 14, 2003

Happy Birthday to my Aussie girl Lisa! I'm anxious to see you again!

Warning: It must be National Lose Your Job week. Two friends in as many days.

Email Quote
"Am i destined to be white trash or what?"
-- Naten, on his lack of ability to get and maintain full-time jobs.

Here's to You:
Mr. Lazy Trademark Attorney

Andy Hunter°'s song "Go" is now formatted in 5.1 surround sound and can be downloaded here. Go... get it.

A Conversation:
Last night when I came waltzing in early for a change...
C: How are you doing? You look frazzled.
Me: Do I?
C: Yeah, you do. Is everything okay?
Me: I couldn't be better. It must just be my hair... and the humidity.

Public Radio Fan
This morning on The Connection they were talking to three university students from Iraq -- named (I'm not kidding) Uday, Hussein, and Ossama. It was really interesting to hear their perspective on what is going on there now. They've got streaming on the website if you care to listen. -- with special features such as Kenny of the Month, How to Look Like Kenny, Kenny Spotting Tips, and even a Corn Muffin Recipe.

I was rejected from the british secret service after only scoring 53.58% on the Secret Service Test. I think I could have done better if I had my mouse hooked up.

Song for the Day:
Justified and Ancient
(All Bound for Mu Mu Land) - The KLF
~Justified and Ancient, Ancient and a-justified,
Rocking to the rhythm in their ice-cream van
with the plan and the key to
enter into Mu Mu
Vibes from the tribes of the JAMs.~

Exactly what are the Justified Ancients of MuMu, you ask? Well, here's your answer.


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