Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Happy (belated) Birthday to Daniel! Just extending the celebrations over here. Hope you have a year filled with fun and happiness!

Movie Criticism for the Retarded - talks about 80's cartoons that would make awesome live feature films. My vote is for M.A.S.K. too.

The Body Farm - Was I the only one who saw this on the news last night? It's this fenced off area of land near Knoxville where they leave dead bodies in the elements to study decomposition and entomology and such. They mentioned the stench on several occasions. I bet!

I had to bring some contracts to one of my favourite clients today to sign. It's a big deal that we've all been looking forward to having finished... in a good way. He was very excited. It's days like today when I think that my job doesn't suck so much after all.


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