Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Georgia Tech'ers
I'm still getting several hits a day from people at GA Tech. If you're looking for the open letter to Katie, it is down here.

Bobby G.
I, along with the rest of the world, love the most popular Bachelor ever, Bob Guiney. (Is anyone else torn between being happy for Estella and wishing they break up?) No... but what is crazy to me is that his band Fat Amy was playing on the rock station I listened to when I lived in Michigan. They were huge supporters of local music, so they were always playing good stuff by Papa Vegas, Troll for Trout, Domestic Problems, Knee Deep Shag, and of course, Fat Amy. Good times... I'm almost tempted to bid on this Radioactiv 4 compilation cd just to hear all those songs again! Anyway, Bob's solo cd 3 Sides releases tomorrow. I just might have to get that one.

I forgot to say that I went with Connie to feed her horse yesterday. She said I could ride him, but she rides bareback... and with no present insurance coverage, I could just envision myself trying to jump on and falling right off the other side. He was getting his winter coat and was so soft though. It was quite tempting.

MJNews: official communications on the Michael Jackson case. Innocent until proven guilty.

Speaking of, Tina just got summoned for jury duty. How cool is that? Okay, I know everyone complains about it, and no one seems to be too excited about it... but I think it would be extremely intersting. (Or maybe I've seen 12 Angry Men a time too many.)

Song for the Day:
(sample) - Papa Vegas
~Once again the bombshell is closing in
We pretend the distance is half our defense
In the end you'll figure it out more or less
Well I guess you catch what you can
Cause a change is at hand
And you can't really plan
Where your feet will land~


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