Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Fog Isn't Cool
We live over twenty miles from the airport. Of course, we have planes go overhead now and then, but it's never all that noticable. (Nothing like when we lived two miles from the airport in Indy.) However, last night I assume the fog was the reason why it sounded like airplanes were nearly skimming the treetops. I loved living near railroad tracks where the trains' vibrations would shake my bed ever-so-slightly. Airplanes making your bed shake is less cool.

I'd never seen this effect before.

Subconscious Mutterings
I Say... You Think...

Plan B:: The Practice
Seattle:: coffee
The lady wore:: red
Tampon:: commercial
Celebrity:: Fear Factor
Baja:: Fresh
64:: Commodore
RGB:: Roy G. Biv
Milkshake:: chocolate

Last night I suggested that we try to get into our attic. The other two did not share my enthusiasm. I just want to know if it is finished off or not. I have this love affair with attics. Ever since I was a child with my overactive imagination. My parents' house is over 100 years old, and I always wanted to get into our attic (which required a ladder, since there was no handy pulldown staircase). I thought if I could get up there I was sure to find a little cigar box with a bundle of old letters tied up with a ribbon that would contain old love notes and messages about the war and fragile photographs. And there would also be an old key. And there would be a mystery to figure out what the key belonged to, but I would find it, and it would be the coolest thing ever.

When I was home last March, I got to see up there for the first time in my 26 years, because my dad had to go up there to check a vent or something. No antique treasures to be found. Just lots of insulation and a few strategically placed boards for walking on. I was horribly disappointed. Maybe I don't want to see our attic here.

Coolest Thing Ever
Planet Yum Thing: fun, girlie, crafty, artistic, creative stuff. Yay! (props to Miss P for that one) Just one more thing I don't have time for... but I was proud that I finished my super-warm fleece blanket yesterday. Next on the list: finish bandana skirt and the book I wanted to give my Grandma for Christmas.


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