Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Anyone interested in going in with me on getting a bounty hunter to kill Jack Frost? I know I wasn't this much of a wuss last year. How quickly one becomes a southerner when not looking.

Yesterday while working from home, I happened to have Oprah on... and dang, it would have been good to be in the audience that day. It was her annual "Favorite Things" show, and each person in the audience got everything on her list... including some of those lucious UGG boots and a thousand-dollar DVD Handycam.

Subliminal Thoughts
I Say... You Think...
1. Concert::
2. Sydney:: Australia (sigh)
3. Shower:: curtain
4. Patterns:: paisley
5. Market:: share
6. Chair:: lounge
7. London:: Stephen (He and Andrew were in my dream the other night. Stephen died. Oops.)
8. Reception:: wedding
9. Republican:: party
10. Cough:: drop

Okay I'm out. Meetings out at the other office today.

Song for the Day:
- Bob Guiney
~Do you think you could
Bring me my girlfriend
And a bottle of wine
Bring me her future
Just make sure it's mine
Will you open the window
But leave out the cold
Could you make a phone call to Jesus
To clean up my soul~


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