Thursday, November 27, 2003

Bear with Me... Memory Lane Warning
So last night we were comparing our oldest saved emails. For some sentimental reason, I have a hard time deleting some of the old ones. Ones that came from people who I have completely lost touch with, but people who meant something to me at one time.

One of my oldest was from October 1999. From this kid Mike. Once upon a time, he found my yahoo messenger name and messaged me out of the blue. For once I didn't automatically ignore the person, and humored him a little bit. He turned out to be a cool kid. We would IM once in a while, and he seemed to really appreciate my insight and "elderly" wisdom. He called me "Grandma" even though I was probably only four years older than him.

"wuzzup grandma homie,
  i'm in cali and i'm learning the lingo. missed you much. sorry for being an ass and not writing as of late. werd.
  mushy shit,

I wonder whatever happened to little mikey.

He Made Me Do It

I also was able to tell the story of my Michael Bolton pictures. (Manda might remember this.) You see, I really dislike Michael Bolton. And as much as I don't like him, I still had several pictures of him hanging by my bed... including the somewhat painful one you see above. When questioned why I would want to hang these by my bed, I had a very simple response. If that was the first thing I saw in the morning... my day could only get better.

A Compliment?
Bossman: Don't take this the wrong way, but your hair looks really good today.

Umm... thanks? Considering I feel like I've been fighting a losing battle against my hair lately, I don't really know what to think about that.

A First
Yesterday afternoon I think I saw a gutted dear close up for the first time. A client showed off his prize, but I was the only one who went down to the tree for a closer look. (Maybe it was because we had just finished eating lunch.) Kinda disappointing. Just looks like meat. Except for the furry head hovering just above the puddle of blood on the ground. Okay, now I'm getting grossed out. He said he'll let me try some of the deer jerky when it is ready.

Mirth, Musings & More (or something to that effect): it's good and good for you.

Song for the Day:
Because now the stupid song is stuck in my head... and I want you to suffer along with me.
Steel Bars (clip) - Michael Bolton
The only song in the history of the world with twenty-seven key changes.


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