Wednesday, October 22, 2003

What. The. Crap. Yesterday I didn't get to my phone quick enough to answer on three separate occassions. Caller id said "UNKNOWN". Now see, I usually am more excited about Unknown calls, because that is what comes up when one of my dear international friends tries to call me. And pretty much everyone else who has my number is already programed into my phone anyway. So the fourth time, I catch the caller. Friend? Foe? Fricking telemarketer? YES! I was so pissed. Not only was it a stupid telemarketer... but I was fricking paying for them to annoy me. Oooo.... grrrrr.

Thanks, I'm better now.

Extreme Pumpkins. Beautiful. I'm particularly fond of the gunshot wound pumpkin and the hotrod flame pumpkin.

My Brother and His Spare Time
Ever since Greg sold his last toy, he has been working on his latest project. It started out as a dented red CRX. The last time I saw it, there were no wheels, no paint, and I'm not sure the doors were on it. But it is finished... and I think it's kinda cute... in that fast-n-furious sort of way. (I am kinda bummed, because the seats he has in there were in my parents' basement for the longest time -- they made great video game chairs.) Now I think he only has one vehicle left in pieces.

To the Girls
Allison: Thanks for the info. Tried to take a sunset picture for you last night, but had a big ol' tree in the way.
Erin: Thinking of you and your peeps up there. I know you are being a great friend and a shoulder to cry on.
Manda: You rock. She sent me a cd-rom preview thingie of 24. And you even put "The Lovely Miss"! :)
Tashish: I miss messaging you, babe.

Song for the Day:
Evening Prayer
- from the opera Hansel und Gretel by Humperdinck performed by Will Taylor
When I was a baby, I had a bluebird that hung on my crib and played this song.


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