Friday, October 10, 2003 website of Morteza Negahi, Iranian Author and Journalist. (Okay, so the mouse-over on the picture is in English.)

According to this quiz, I am a Spatial Thinker in the company of Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We tend to think in pictures and have a flair for working with object. (I'll take that to mean that I'm crafty.) :) Of the careers they think I'd be good at, I'll take photographer, artist or set designer (considering I wanted, at one time, to get my degree in technical theatre).

In other news, I think that only one roommate is moving out now. In an effort to give the other more space, I believe we will be converting the room downstairs into a bedroom for her. And the couch down there will be moved upstairs (oh the joy moving that up two flights) along with the music gear, etc. Hey, if she's cool with us going through her room to get to the laundry, I'm cool too.

Just when I almost quit looking, it seems that Miss Leslie has begun to write again. You're a star, Leslie!


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