Thursday, October 16, 2003

My Car... Grrr
I'm trying to be nice. I'm trying not to abuse the vehicle. I use kind words like "please" and encouragement like "come on, baby". But my car is continually crapping out on me. Today it's my window. It decided it isn't going to open and close at the touch of a button anymore. No, it now wants to jerk its way down, and then it wants to fake me out acting like it's not going to go back up. Gah.

Adventures of Black Beard
I realized that I forgot to review last weeks episode of Survivor: The Rupert Show. And I was going to write something about it today... but then I went and read this episode review and figured you should just go read that, because he has always expressed exactly what I think. He has a great tribute to the man, the myth, the legend that is Rupert. And he also points out how my main man Ryan got booted after not swimming well in the one challenge, but somehow they kept big, burly, whiny Osten... who ends up crying like a baby this time instead of grabbing the floating rope next to him. (Read his reviews of other episodes.)

Autumn on My Mind
We had a big rain yesterday. All the branches seemed to give up and let go, and today there is a nice blanket of orange leaves on the steps outside. Now I feel like autumn is upon us. This is what I love. Now if only I could find a place for a bonfire... that would be the best. I could go for a s'more right now.

Go play S'mores Wars. It's kinda fun.

Subliminal Thoughts
  1. Timeshare:: Florida
  2. Accounts:: Payable
  3. Temptation:: Island
  4. Hack:: the Planet
  5. Shadow:: Puppets
  6. Infection:: Sinus
  7. 800:: collect (ugh, their annoying ads work)
  8. Infidelity:: Lo Fidelity
  9. Springfield:: Simpsons
  10. Gardener:: Eva (okay, I know it's "Gardner".)
I have a feeling that everyone wants to know...
What's on my bookshelf (next to my desk) right now:
Star Wars Trilogy, VHS, old-school artwork, none of this "Special Edition" crap
▪ Photo of me, Tina, Chanel & Beth on Son of Beast
▪ Server monitor
▪ an electric daisies Kleenex box
▪ various photos and cds

A Conversation
It always comes back to Michael Jackson...
Me: Is that your phone that's off the hook?
Karl: I'm off the hook.
Me: You're off the wall.

Maize Maze
I want to go to the corn maze in Spring Hill. You, too, can find a corn maze near you.

Song of the Day:
Atlanta Blue
(real audio) - The Statler Brothers
~I'm Atlanta Blue wishin' I could be with you
Summertime in Georgia
I'm dreamin' of you and that makes me Atlanta Blue~


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