Saturday, October 25, 2003

Just when you thought there was no Friday Five for this week, BSTommy steps in and picks up the slack:

1. Which would you rather have? Three extra fingers on each hand, or an extra nose right above the one you have? What if there were magical powers bestowed upon each trait?
I'm going to go with the fingers. All the better to type with, my dear. And think of the crazy fun piano chord options.

2. What was something that you worried about, but told yourself to stop worrying, because it was silly, and then have had that thing come true? Was it silly?
I can only assume that he has a really good answer to this one. I can't really think of an instance... but right now I'm trying to convince myself that walking on acorns does not have to be mentally equal to knee pain.

3. Who would be the absolute worst celebrity to have to share an apartment with?
Jessica Simpson. I'm sure I'd have to kill her.

4. What is the funniest moment on television that you've ever seen?
That's tough. The first time Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live comes to mind. (The "Night at the Roxbury" inspiration skit, the hot-tub lifeguard, the cheerleaders sketch where he was a German foreign-exchange student named Lochmeil.) I have this episode on tape somewhere. Good times.

5. Do you know personally anybody named Vance?
I know a Van... does that count for anything?


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