Sunday, October 12, 2003

Just call me Nature Jane
I'm writing to you live from the middle of nowhere. I am again housesitting for Miss RoseAnne. As you recall, the last time I was out here, I hit an owl on my way back in to town.

Since that time, a fox has darted in front of my car, I narrowly avoided hitting three wild turkeys, I saw a huge hawk-like bird on a fence near my office, and I saw a calf who had gotten out of a field.

**If Aaron is reading, he should stop now.**

So tonight I was outside tossing the ball to Milly the dog, when I noticed that she was pawing something on the driveway. Upon further inspection, I see that it is a wounded baby snake that I probably drove over when I got home. I decided this situation was extremely uncool and took the dog and cat inside.

Then Steve Irwin took over my body, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided that I needed to capture the aforementioned snake in order to properly identify the perpetrator and assess the danger it represents. Armed with a flashlight, 2-quart glass jar, and large stick, I managed to work the little guy into captivity. Now he's on the porch in the jar with a brick on top. I think he was mostly dead to begin with, but he'll probably really die now.

If any of you wildlife experts would like to take a stab at what kind he is, he's got red-with-black-outline diamonds down his back, and his tummy is mostly white with some black in a sort of erratic checkerboard-like pattern. No yellow, so I don't think he would have killed me.

Connection is slower than all get out here, so more at a later time.


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