Friday, October 31, 2003

I see a lot of people who have these lists of 100 things about them. I never commited to doing a list like that, because I would run out of interesting items at about #32 and from there on out it would be stupid stuff like "my feet are nine inches long." or something. I think I'd do better making a list slowly, only adding an item when I mention something in conversation that someone else points out is interesting. (I'm also not entirely convinced that anyone actually reads all 100 anyway.)

So here's #1:
1. I have played Taps at someone's funeral. (Of course, most people don't know I can play trumpet, so this should probably #2.) I forget how it came up, but Connie was surprised to hear that.

Since I don't get a newspaper anymore, I don't really see any comics. However, my mom was telling me about this one called Zits. After reading this series from a week ago, we are convinced that somehow my brother serves as the inspiration for that artist.

People seem to be interested in what I do, because I have a "cool" job or something. The thing is that I can't describe what I do in a neat little job description... unless I say that I do "everything". Today is a good day though. My list includes: send in ASCAP writer applications, scan illustrations for a children's book, file paperwork for dissolving a corporation... and I may or may not have had anything to do with what is going on at [amaaatahamauasaiaca.acaoama]. :)

Guys beware... Tampon Art.

How many post offices do you know? Postal Gallery is collecting photos of all the post offices in the U.S. Help those who can't help themselves.


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