Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I just saw that Safri Duo released a new album... and they have made some changes as well, adding four people to the line-up. (Which sort of negates the "duo" part of their name.) I saw them seven years ago and was amazed. They performed a lot of classical music. But the one thing that stands out the most was their rendition of Steve Reich's "Clapping Music". (Take a listen to the clip at amazon.) Okay, so you kind of have to see it to be impressed by it. Or least you have to understand that it is a round of sorts with a |xxx-xx-x-xx-| cadence. (Or just read this concert review which explains how they do it about midway down the page.)

Mail Harassment
I don't care if Capital One ends up being the last bank on earth -- I'll never bank with them after all the junkmail I have received. It is outrageous how much crap I get from them. Tree killers. I like the solution this person came up with.

Spare Change?
Sponsor my friends on the AIDS walk next weekend.

People who care might be interested to know that a bootleg from the 9/22/03 Jimmy Gnecco show in San Francisco has been posted at, which includes two new tunes. Beautiful.


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