Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving to Canaderin and Canadan!

Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492
In honor of Columbus day, I'm taking the afternoon off. Okay, not really. I've got 6 all access passes to the festival and no one who can take the afternoon off to go with me. Since when does everyone I know have a job? I guess I'm just going to ride down with the Phillips instead.

I Know a Little German... He's Standing Right over There
I just found out that I am part German. All of a sudden I've gotten reinterested in genealogy. Several years ago, my family was contacted by a Canadian gentleman who was doing a genealogy of my maternal grandfather's family. From me, it goes back 13 generations... back to the year 1530 in the motherland of the Netherlands. So last week I had contact with a woman who has my maternal Grandfather's line back 19 generations. And through this all, I found out that one of the great grandfathers came from Germany a few hundred years ago. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The Skin-ny
I think this week I am going to sign up to be a wholesale buyer from Arbonne. I went to this women's health talk thing on Saturday which just further freaked me out about the things I am putting on and in my body. Considering that every family member I've known who has died had cancer of some sort, I am extremely conscious of sun exposure and smoke inhalation... but it's these things I put on my skin that I wasn't even aware of. Our skin acts as a sponge... which is why they can use medicinal patches, because our skin absorbs those medicines into our bloodstream within 28 seconds. If a product says harmful if swallowed, it should say avoid contact with skin as well.

Curly Girl
I also am in the midst of a hair experiment. I am finally accepting that I have naturally curly hair. I'm not talking like Kerri Russell curly... but it's definitely not straight. After using a straight iron on my hair the last couple months, I've noticed that I was seriously damaging my hair. So I borrowed the book Curly Girl from Phebe (who does have Kerri Russell curls). The whole concept of their haircare regimen is to avoid using shampoo.

Now wait. I know it sounds gross. But the idea is to treat your hair like a wool sweater... since you hair is a delicate fiber as well. You don't subject your nice sweaters to harsh detergents or extreme heat... so why do that to your hair. You still clean your scalp and hair, but you do it with natural cleansers and with lots of conditioning agents. So I'm starting off week number 2 of my No Poo hair care routine. They say to give it three weeks for your hair to quit hating you. We'll see.

I was hating it a whole lot last Thursday. I felt like a mega frizzhead. But on Saturday, I was in line for coffee. An older gentleman approached the lady in line behind me. He was in midconversation with her when he touched my elbow and said, "Great hair, by the way." And then he went back to his other conversation. I appreciated that.

A Little Perspective on 87 Billion Dollars

Last night I watched The Sum of All Fears. I was in the mood for that kind of film, so I was entertained. As much as I didn't want to like Ben, I thought he was decent. (And the Liev sightings were an added bonus.)

I guess I'm going to get ready to leave now. See ya later. (Don't forget to check out Verbena's latest baby picture.)


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