Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Happy Fire Prevention Week
Go push the buttons on all your smoke alarms. If you don't have buttons to push because you do not have smoke alarms, for pete's sake, go get some! Some fire stations also provide window stickers to alert the fact that children and/or pets live in the house.

Subliminal Thoughts
I say... You Think...
  1. Coat:: Whore (I have a zillion coats and often refer to myself as a "coat whore".)
  2. Allowance:: Clean room
  3. Mist:: Spray
  4. Disorder:: Desk
  5. Scheme:: Elementary School (The "talented and gifted" program in my elementary school was called SCHEME... I have no idea what it stood for, but we sure had fun.)
  6. Dick:: Trickle (NASCAR driver with one of the most unfortunate names ever)
  7. Homework:: Procrastination
  8. Milton:: Bradley
  9. Shampoo:: Shower
  10. Z:: Zed
Living in a Video
I just saw the video for (debatably) the world's most perfect love song. Ugh, that song still makes me mushy.

Diddy Runs the City: Sponsor Puffy as he runs the NYC Marathon next month.


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