Friday, October 03, 2003

Go Satan! Go Satan!
There have been some great headlines in the world of hockey this week thanks to a Slovakian player with an unusual last name:
Satan ends holdout, signs two-year contract with Sabres
Sabres' Satan May Not Play Tomorrow
Satan now highest paid on Sabres
Sabres make deal with Satan (my personal favourite)

I can only imagine what they would have come up with if he had signed with New Jersey.

Birds of a Feather
Interestingly enough, it is illegal to own owl feathers. You apparently need a permit to have them... and only if you're Native American. Same goes for eagles... though Native Americans can apply for eagle parts to be used in religious ceremonies. (Bearing in mind that the average wait is three and a half years.) Also those feathers are not allowed to be sold, but can only be passed down in families or given as gifts to other Native Americans. It is illegal for them to give the feathers as gifts to non-Native Americans. Interesting.

Good Ol' Rocky Top
Volunteer Tailgate Party over at the new and improved Resonance. And while we're at it, big welcome to the new RTB members. We're takin' over the world, I tell ya. (The new weblog for Jason Plank was in the recently updated list... low and behold, he is also from Tennessee, and therefore I nominate him for the RTB.)

Smell Your Way to More Restful Sleep
Say what you will about the legitimacy of aromatherapy, but last night I think made me a believer in the relaxation qualities of lavender. Since Seth is coming through tonight and is headed to my hometown tomorrow, I figured I would make the wall-hanging thing for my mother's bathroom since I have had the lavender and ribbon for a couple months now. (That way he can take it with him, and I don't have to figure out how to ship it.) So it was simple. A bunch of nicely arranged lavender hung upside-down by a fancy little bow creation. Should go perfect in her newly-painted purple bathroom. With the leftover lavender, I broke the buds off and put them in a jar, which I placed by my bed. I have to say that I woke up feeling more rested this morning with only six hours of sleep than on some nights when I sleep ten hours.

Song for the Day:
- Bush
In honor of Seth's visit... oh the memories. After hearing that song three times a day for nine months, it really makes me want to smash my head into a wall or something.


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