Saturday, October 25, 2003

Did I mention that we now have a wireless high-speed network at the house? Did I mention that I love it? I'm such a junkie. If we only had an umbrella on the porch, next work-from-home day would be outside, baby.

Violin Twins
So after listening to A-ha the other day, I feel compelled to ask you to compare the violin parts from their "I Wish I Cared" and The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony".

Star Wars meets The Princess Bride:
"Hello. My name is Luke Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

For anyone who missed it, Bono dropped the f-bomb during a live acceptance speech earlier this year, and just recently the FCC declared that it was not obscene because of the context. Normally I feel there are better ways to vividly express oneself than by using "colorful" language... however, I thought this article about the ruling was pretty f'ing funny.

Survivor last night. Interesting indeed. I just had Dennis Hopper's line from Speed going through my head. "Do not attempt to grow a brain, [Trish]." The thing is, she was right. Rupert is definitely in control, but she didn't go about it the right way. Dare I admit that I sort of admired Andrew for being such an ox in that immunity challenge? Naah. Vickie was right on with her predictions again.

Gutenberg Bible: I never realized how beautiful it is.

This morning we are having a planning meeting for one of our clients who is having a retreat thing next January. I'm a little disturbed about the lack of meetings up until this point and the apparent lack of concern for the timetable by the one person who probably ought to be most concerned... but whatever. At the meeting today, I am officially declaring that whenever using the word "retreat", everyone must use the inflection of a general calling his troups to go back. RETREAT!


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