Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Yay! Jesse is playing for The Kicks. I'm happy, so long as it doesn't mean he has to move to Arkansas or whatever ridiculous place they are based out of.

Great Blog Title of the Day:
Snooze Button Dreams: Tidbits of Life in 9 Minute Increments

There's nothing like coming back to the office after a work-from-home day and finding that there aren't too many piles of work left by the bossman... and a surprise package from my publisher friend. He sent me the new Grisham book, Bleachers. Wheee.

Manda just called to tell me that the baby just moved!! Little Verbena!

On the baby note, congratulations to Jo and honorary-auntie Tash on the birth of beautiful little Caera Jayde.

Unconscious Mutterings
I say... and you think...
  1. Bookends:: my brass fleur de lis graduation present bookends
  2. Compliment:: thank you.
  3. Gutter:: riding bikes
  4. Obsession:: perfume
  5. Heavy:: backache
  6. Real:: audio
  7. Disposable:: diapers
  8. Breeze:: kites
  9. Work:: my office
  10. Sweetheart:: :)
Song for the Day:
Kill the Band
- Ours
~If then it rains, I'll cover your eyes
The past has a way of running our lives
Learning to say the words that we hide~


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