Monday, September 22, 2003

Operation: Stash the Body
So Collin and I went to Chattanooga early yesterday to be there in time for load-in. You see, Adam came up with the boys as a surprise and did a couple of his songs at the end... but everyone wanted to keep it on the down-low. I was on hand to "get rid" of Adam until showtime. However the venue actually had some pretty secure private areas where he was free to roam without being seen. So Collin and I walked to the Big River Grille after driving around forever and realizing the best place to park was at the venue.

(Side note: Saw poster for Angie Aparo coming to Rhythm & Brews on the 8th... hmm... show starts 9:30 eastern time on a Wednesday. If I left immediately after work, I think I could get there on time.) :)

Anyway, the show was fantastic. They did "You are Mine"... the opening song on here, and it sounded so great. I'm anxious for them to start doing more again, since that was the part of my job that I enjoyed the most. (And it's all about me, isn't it?)

Funniest Moment of the Evening:
Watching Darren and Jonathan carefully putting the handcart in the trailer saying that they didn't want it to fall on the Rhodes. Apparently they missed Paul doing handstands and sitting on top of the Rhodes earlier in the evening.

New Music
Collin gave me this cd yesterday. Take a sample listen to the tracks if any part of you loves straight-up Americana music.

Oh Ho, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-Comin' Down the Street
Anyone with fourteen spare dollars should go see The Music Man at the Pull-Tight Theatre in Franklin. I haven't seen it yet to say whether or not it is an enjoyable experience... but that show is near and dear to my heart, so I don't think they could do anything to ruin it for me. I must make a point of going next weekend!

Rob from Manly Thoughts is at it again. If you recall, he was my source for funny Survivor commentary last season. He seems to have moved over to this season though. (He doesn't have anything up on the main page yet, but you can see his initial thoughts on the castaways... this is his page for Ryan S, but you can get to the rest from the links at the bottom.)


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