Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Long-Awaited Indianapolis Weekend of Joy and Wonderment
So much excitement. Such a short amount of time to write. Bullet points are my friend today...

▪ Got my little beige Grand Am (complete with air conditioning and cd player... the only essentials) from Avis (love them) and drove like a maniac. I was so revved up for a roadtrip. It was great.
▪ Met Manda at the house we had to ourselves. Yay!
▪ She gave me JC! To go with my JC from Erin.
▪ It's little, but I saw the baby pooch!
Manda Quote for the Day:
"But you said four hours when I called the last time, and I thought I called at seven. Oh wait..."
-- Manda, upon learning that I was going to get there a little after 11:00.

▪ Woke up far too early.
▪ Got twin breakfast at Einstein Bros..
▪ Helped Chris (Manda's sister-in-law) pack dishes, since her whole building is being evicted after a flood caused serious damage to the apartment complex.
▪ Twin lunch at BD's Mongolian BBQ. Mmm.
▪ Shopped at World Market. Got more cute little juice glasses, a flyswatter, and mints. (And this has nothing to do with this weekend, but I just found a picture of the fabulous chair I got for my birthday. I'm sitting in it right now, in fact.)
▪ Went to the Pier 1 Clearance Store. (I am apparently the only person who knows about it... East Washington near thet mall, people. Everything is cheaper.) Found some candles for Sandra. I also found some great travel stickers that I am going to put on a couple of my vintage suitcases. I'm so excited about those.
▪ Completed trip #1 around the 465 circle.
▪ Went to our ("our" being the seven of us who lived in the Little House in the white ghetto over there) Goodwill on West Washington. Manda found all kinds of maternity clothes. I got a Berklee College of Music t-shirt. (Only to wear to shock my boss who went there.)
▪ Visited the Goodwill in Plainfield. Manda scored more pregnant-pants.
▪ Went to see Manda's old house in Pittsboro. Still there.
▪ Yay for Unique Thrift store (38th & Lafayette). More clothes for Manda. I found a great vintage purple print shirt.
▪ Sat on the patio and had twin dinners at Mama Carolla's. Mmmmmmm! (This is so close to the boys' house. You need to go!)
▪ Completed trip #2 around 465.
Manda Quote for the Day:
"That guy just about drove down the Monon Trail!"
--Manda, during dinner noticing that someone mistook the old recreation trail for the driveway to the restaurant.

▪ Breakfast with Chris & Althea at Roger's. (So named after our old favorite waiter at that particular Denny's.)
▪ I'd also like to point out that it seems like every time I return to Indy, it happens to be on a race weekend. Last time, I think it was the Brickyard. This weekend was the NHRA U.S. Nationals.
▪ Brought Manda to the airport. :( And she flipped me off as she was getting her bag out of the car. (Now, I had asked if I could flip her off as I was driving away, and she said no. And then asked why. I said that you see hugs and kisses and tears all the time at the airport... but you never see anybody giving the bird as they walk away. So she did it to me instead... with a grin, of course.)
▪ Went to Maurices and Goodwill in Avon. Disappointing.
▪ Yay! Found the Waltz for Venus home and headquarters.
Jay, Aaron, and Karlee gave a stellar acoustic performace for me, Allison, & Erin.
▪ Indian food (thanks Jay!) and a scenic trip to Guitar Center.
▪ Then we watched Jay play Silent Hill 3. Erin & I huddled. Allison scared me to death. Good times.
▪ Drove down Meridian one last time. Waved to my old office building. Took at look at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, the capital building, and the RCA Dome.
Manda Quote for the Day:
"You brought it from home??"
--Manda, calling me as I was driving home when she discovered that I hid a toilet paper core in her makeup case before she left. (A long-running joke between us. I am the master!)

It was joyful. It was wonderful. It was the Indianapolis Weekend of Joy and Wonderment.

Poem of the Day?
Ode - Arthur O'Shaughnessy
We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.


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