Friday, September 05, 2003

I think the theme for everything you are about to read came from yesterday's song of the day. I was inspired... what can I say?

It's hard to make gutters cool, but this would definitely help.

So I decided that someday I want to just visit Tuscany. I hate going along with everybody else on things, but after seeing this photo and this photo... and then this photo and this photo... and wow. Oh just go look at the whole site. It's beautiful. And of course the idea of bumping into Sting (as unlikely as that may be) doesn't hurt matters.

I was also just thinking about the delicious Caprese Salad we had at Laura's last Friday. Mmm. I mean, you know a salad tastes good when they sell posters of the ingredients.

While looking for a recipe, I stumbled across this unique website: f*** It's about the adventures of shopping the smalltown groceries.

And then, my goodness, last night I saw the ad for Under the Tuscan Sun. Is it a sign or what?

So much excitement coming up! Wheee! To be talked about later. (But for now, all you Hoosiers better send me phone numbers so I know how to reach you this weekend.)

Song for the Day:
Just Show Me How to Love You
- Sarah Brightman featuring José Cura
(little clip)
A little Italian...
~Questo giorno è una pazzia
ma la luna è amica mia
se ti resta un sogno da buttare via
soli in mezzo a una città
Solo amici e poi chissà~


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