Monday, September 15, 2003

I just wanted to report that I am sitting here eating Swedish Fish and drinking my Beneath the Rainbow carbonated natural spring water that I purchased solely because of the bottle's beautiful vase potential.

I wish I were more well-versed in the whole Flash medium. You all know that I think Dan is the man when it comes to that... but I was also inspired by this site today. Do yourself a favour and be blown away by that place. I don't understand Swedish either, but you can still get the point.

Last night Sandra and I were looking at her West Elm catalog. I determined that I want everything in there. Especially the purple and green stuff... though I love their brown stuff too. It's all so cool. I don't think I'm cool enough to have that stuff.

I met a cool chick this morning. We got to talking. She just moved down here. At some point I mentioned that I enjoy the creative part of my job better than the organizational part. And she said, "I could just tell that you are a creative person... whereas all my creativity fits in my little finger." That makes me so happy if I just exude so much creativity that even people who don't know me can sense that I am that way.

Can I just say that I am thrilled about the decision to cast Christian Bale as the new Batman? I can't claim to be a huge fan of the franchise. The only reason I got into Batman was because of Prince's contribution to the soundtrack. When Val Kilmer came along, I really started to pay attention... not to mention the great Batman Returns Soundtrack with songs by u2, massive attack, nick cave, pj harvey, and one of my top 11 songs of all time "Passenger" by the late Michael Hutchence. But I couldn't care less about George Clooney or Chris O'Donnell. Christian Bale I definitely can get into. They keep mentioning his roles in American Psycho and Little Women... but let's be honest. Didn't we all fall in love with him when he was in Newsies?

I am Jack!
But people call me Cowboy. I'm the leader of the Upper East Side newsies and the strike leader. I look out for every newsie and make sure they're taken care of, and that's why they respect me. My friends are very loyal to me, and trust what I say, even though I sometimes improve the truth a little, but what great newsie doesn't? I'm in love with Sarah, Davey's sister. But even with all this "glory," I dream of escaping to Santa Fe.

Which Newsie are you?


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