Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I can't really say that I've ever been a huge comic fan. They require too much commitment or something. However, a couple weeks ago I came across this Sand & Stone online comic that I keep going back to. Nothing too deep or extremely entertaining... but start from the beginning and see for yourself.

Clear Eat Away
Okay... I need some help here. I am hoping that one of you, gentle readers, will be able to assist me with this dilemma. I probably should be embarrassed about writing this, but I don't really get embarrassed, so here goes:

I have noticed within the last six months that I had a little bump on my left thumb. It never hurt. Didn't bother at all. It didn't ooze anything. Just a bump. A little one at that.

Well then one night I was babysitting and saw a little jar of that Clear Away wart remover on the endtable. For one reason or another, I decided that maybe this was a little baby wart on my hand. But I don't know... I haven't had any real close encounters of the wart kind before.

Because I can be extremely compulsive once I have an idea in my mind, I went out straight away and bought my own little bottle of the stuff. It says to put one drop on the area 1-2 times a day, right? I just don't know when to stop... and I don't really know if I had a wart there to begin with... but now I feel like it is eating a hole in my hand. It's not looking very good, and I can't decide if the bump is still there, because now it hurts to touch it at all.

I'm laughing so much as I write this, because unintentional self-mutilation is so like me. (I was the kid who would sit on the bathroom counter wiggling a loose tooth until it came out. I'm a scab picker. A sunburn peeler. I can't help it.) Part of me thinks I should stop... and another part thinks that maybe this is just the process it goes through.

So if anyone has any wart insight or any experience with this Clear Away stuff... would you be so kind as to leave a comment. Or you can email me, if you are the type to get embarrassed about the little buggers.

Last weekend Manda got in the car, saw the Distorted Lullabies cd, and said, "It looks like Cory." I didn't really see it then, but I came across a photo last night that, with a little photoshopping, might resemble Jimmy a little. Though it would be more so when he was back in his long hair and anorexic phase.

I was looking for pictures of me and Nate. I was trying to explain to someone how he and I used to take photos whenever we were together... but we would do cheesy engagement photo poses. This is funny for a couple reasons... the dorky poses for one, and the fact that he and I are like the anti-couple. Unfortunately I cannot figure out where I put all of them. But I did find this bench picture...

The three of us were best friends in high school. Our senior year, our choir took a trip to Washington DC. Somehow we started this thing where we would take a picture together on every bench we came across. Thanks to several brave photographers, we came up with a series of about 20-25 photos. It's the greatest thing ever. It was dubbed the Bench Tour. We even made the yearbook. (And four years later, my brother, Cory's brother, and one of Nate's female friends carried on the tradition by doing Bench Tour II when they went to DC.) The above photo was not a Bench Tour photo... but one on a bench in my rad Michigan apartment when they came for a visit.

Maybe more later. Now I must make coffee.


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