Friday, September 19, 2003

Happy Anniversary, Manda & Jack!! I'm glad Jack married you even though I didn't think he should. :) Luckily he saw the sweet girl inside under the wenchy shell that you had back then. Hehe. Is it four years now? Weird. Remember when Krystal and I would wear your veil around the house? Good times.

Queen Isabel
I was sad to hear that Wrightsville Beach, NC is set to be hit hard by Isabel. Manda, Jack, Eric & I got to stay at this great house right on the beach there on the south end of the island when we went down a few years ago for Bradford's wedding. (map) It was a place that I just fell in love with even though we were only there for probably 36-hours. The Wrightsville Beach webpage is updating with storm photos regularly. Or you can just watch the beach cam. (Heck, think I'm going to go to that webpage every night before I go to bed... love that surf sound!)

I'm Sorry
Badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom.... snake!

I saw a license agreement go through our office for someone who may or may not be involved with this soundtrack. All I have to say is that I'm going to quit my job and start writing songs in hopes that one of them gets on a soundtrack like that. It pays to write good music.

I am so stoked for November. Okay, I love autumn to begin with, but I can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start! Yes, I know that I was gung-ho for about a week last year, and then eventually gave up my original novel altogether... but give me a break. That was a pretty freaking depressing time for us here.

Anyway, I went back and read some of what I wrote last year. I broke the rules just a little bit and instead of writing a true novel, I started writing a memoir of my time on the road (doing substance abuse prevention assembly programs in high schools all across the country, for those of you who don't know me very much). I have a lot of chapter fragments with stories I began telling but got sick of before they really were concluded. However, the chapter on our adventure in Bardstown, KY was one of my favourites to write... and I have to say that upon rereading it yesterday, I think there were definitely some inspired moments in there. The animatronics line alone makes it worth reading, if you ask me. You can probably tell I was reading a lot of Bill Bryson at the time. But it's a great story I'll tell my grandkids someday as I make them look at all the pictures I took that day.

My whole point is that I think I have a concept for this year's novel attempt... I just have to work out my angle. I want you all to start considering the idea of joining me in this somewhat painful but also exhilerating creative writing project coming up in a couple months. 30 Days. 50,000 Words. This year I will not be stopped!

I also forgot to add that I found two of the fake cheesy engagement photos with Nate that I mentioned a couple days ago. There are some better ones that I cannot find right now. They are quite disturbing to our parents who have been friends since before we were born. Hehe. Good times. (click for larger photos)


I understand that engagement photos with a giant turtle are a bit nontraditional... but we were going for the cheese-factor anyway.

Song for Manda:
Cowboy Take Me Away
- Dixie Chicks
~Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
Set me free oh I pray
Closer to heaven above and
Closer to you closer to you~


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