Sunday, September 14, 2003

Good Deed for the Day
Karl's son is desperately saving money for an Xbox... so to help his cause I decided to purchase his PS2 from him. I've always meant to get one, and I suppose it was a really good deal. PS2, two controllers, memory card, gameshark, dvd remote, LOTR Two Towers game, some Star Wars bounty hunter game, and a surfing game all for $180.

I like this article about taming back talk. Sandra and I were just talking about that tonight.

Last night was a ball. Me, Roy, Wendy, Michael, Paul, Darren, Greg, and Jason all hung out at Mo's house with his girlfriend Amy. It was this massive reminiscing session... complete with a showing of the Parachute 2002 video. I felt really bad when all of us decided to go to Maggie Moos ten minutes before they were going to close. But we left big tips. Good times.

Turns out that I did see Jason at the Jimmy Gnecco show last week... I just didn't say anything to him, because it's not very often that I run into people from New Orleans here in Nashville, so I wasn't sure if it was him.

Happy Birthday (on Saturday) to Christopher!! You're one of the coolest people I know.

I have a big headache now, so I shall sleep.


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