Saturday, September 27, 2003

Downloading music: harmful to the artist, the recording company, or neither? -- that article raises some interesting points. With a sort of If-A-Tree-Falls-in-the-Woods logic, he argues that listening to music that he wasn't going to buy anyway at least furthers the musicians' agenda of getting their art to the masses.

The Pig's Lip... a beautiful site featuring lots of photos of Swansea and Gower. Now that Suzannah & Marc are in Poole, I have even more of a reason to visit the UK sometime in the near future... and I think Su would be up for a bit of a trip to this place.

I Love Being Right
I happened upon a site which I cannot read... because it's in Portuguese or Spanish or something. But I saw the picture in this entry and thought to myself, "Self, that looks like something that Klimt would have done." Not being an art history major or anything, I thought I would draw your attention to how that poster stylistically matches everything I've ever seen by Klimt... only to find out that it actually is a painting by him titled Tree of Life. I feel just a tiny bit cool.

Though we all saw it coming, those jerkfaces voted off Skinny Ryan last night. Come on, people! Too bad no one was with him to hear him do an impressive Strongbad impersonation when he was getting the treemail. That would have won over their hearts. (Or not... I don't know if any of the other Morganites are cool enough to know what H*R is.)

What I dont' understand is how Andrew is all saying that Ryan blew the first immunity challenge... but I argue that it was Andrew and Osten and someone else who all took the time to take off their shorts smack dab in the middle of the game, which couldn't have helped their momentum with that cannon. Dummies.

Sorry, I cannot give more than one pirate smilie. I'm just too heartbroken.

Song for the Day:
Llorando (Crying)
- Rebekah Del Rio
Spanish version of the Roy Orbison classic featured in the movie Mulholland Drive.


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