Sunday, September 28, 2003

I'm trying not to be sad or hurt or angry or depressed or anxious... but this week I found out that after December, Tina is going to be moving in with family we know as a sort of live-in nanny which is a much more cost-effective option for her at this stage in life. Today Phebe announced that she has decided that she will be moving out as well, because her room is too small and she can't take it much longer. (Don't even get me started on that...) And since we told Duncan that we'd give him 60 days notice if we ever decided to move out... that gives me just over a month to decide whether I am going to be able to find replacements or if I am going to have to move as well. I am beyond sick of moving, but I don't know a lot of people looking for housing either. Bleh.

My dear Fiona got up at 4:30 AM her time to call me this afternoon. It was so good to talk to her again and catch up and plan for my visit.

I Hate Shopping
It took us five entire hours from the point Jessica picked me up last night until the time we returned here with all our purchases. Granted, we did have to spend a healthy amount of time in Hobby Lobby. And then we went to visit our roommates who were both working at the 'Buck. And then there was the black hole of Wal-Mart that sucks you in... and won't let you go without a fight. Overall, it's good. I won't have to get groceries for another month... and I have lightbulbs.

I was inspired by Jessica to make a fleece blanket... I just think I want to look other places for the material.

I did buy a bunch of these dark indigo tie-dyed bandanas which I think could be easily converted into a rather nice skirt. We'll see.

Now I think I'll put on my "I'm Cranky" socks and go. I'm supposed to take photos of Hunter's birthday party. That should be fun at least.


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