Thursday, September 18, 2003

Anybody who names their blog Damn the Man, Save the Empire gets a link from me.

I'm a Survivor
I don't obsess over Survivor like my roommate does, but I just happened to take a look at the bios for the players this season. I have to say that this Ryan Shoulders kid has my vote for the coolest survivor... in my book anyway. Here's the rundown of how I score his favorites...

Colors: Green, #DDDDFF
the kid answered in hex... how cool can someone be?? mucho bonus points

Scents: Pizza, the beach
pizza, yeah okay... beach is good, yes

Flowers: Dandelion
bonus points for going down the road less traveled

Board Games: Chess, Risk, Monopoly
Aww yeah... hurt me with the Risk action

Video Games: Zelda II, Doom III, Age of Mythology
Myth, myth, myth, myth. +200 cool points

Sports to Play: Basketball, soccer, capture the flag
eh... whatever. capture the flag is good.

Sports Teams: Tennessee Titans, Chicago Cubs
okay, the answer we were looking for here is the Nashville Preditors, but Titans will do

Outdoor Activities: Walking, walking dogs, flying & building kites
kites... I mean... who knew?

TV Shows: Seinfeld, Sifl & Olly, Hey Dude
Sifl & Olly??? no way! that's like 500 bonus cool points

Movies: Gummo, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, American Beauty, Fight Club

Actors: Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Steve Buscemi
We can accept the nod to the Bradster since he puts him in such great company

Actresses: Thora Birch, Jenna Jameson
he's male...

Music: Goldfinger, The Impossibles, Atom and his Package, NoFX
again, bonus points for originality... and 2000 extra points for simply not mentioning Creed

Magazines: PC Gamer, Nintendo Power
geeky... and yet, so cool

Books/Authors: Watership Down, Catcher in the Rye
I can dig it

Cereals: Count Chocula, Cocoa Puffs
I'm not personally a fan, but I understand the need for chocolate first thing in the morning

Fruits: Watermelon, strawberries
minus 50 for watermelon. sorry... I don't understand the allure

Snack Foods: KC Masterpiece corn nuts
Okay, I can't think "corn nuts" without thinking Heathers... but Heathers is a good thing, so bonus points

Cookies: Keebler Soft Batch
the correct answer would have been Chewy Chips Ahoy... sorry, -75

Candy Bars: Twix, Snickers
that's better

Alcoholic Drinks: Drinking is for the boring
I can live with that

Non-Alcoholic: Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, milk
I don't do a lot of dairy myself... but Dr. Pepper overrides the Coke for a correct answer

Then he gets like 3000 bonus points for being from Tennessee. Thus giving him enough Danielle points to win the Sole Survivor. Erm... or not.

Guess the Name... in case you missed this at Magnolia Glen. Computer tries to read your mind and guess which television show or movie you are thinking of. It took 47 questions to get it to guess Heathers. :)

Mom's Going Batty
My parents live in an old house with an old attic. Earlier this year, I heard stories about them having found a couple of bats who made their way to the upstairs portion of the house. (I tried not to think about it when I was home in July.) They thought it was over, but I just got an email from Mom saying that they believe there are more... only they can't kill them, because bats are on the endangered species list. Great.

Random Link to Recently Updated Blog
A Minor Place. With links to Elbow, Faultline, Jeff Buckley, Interpol, & The Notwist, just to name a few, the person has to be at least relatively cool if by association alone.

Song for the Day:
I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
- Cutting Crew
Sorry... I was in one of those moods.


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