Monday, September 29, 2003

An Andy Kaufman Moment
Yesterday was perfect. The sun was shining, yet there was a cool breeze. I even put my favourite green wool sweater when we were outside. Yay! The birthday party was fun... well, as much fun as watching a dozen 12-year-old boys playing Capture the Flag can be. The stack of stained merch t-shirts in the back of my car came in handy after a bunch of the boys got wet in the creek and started to freeze in their wet clothes -- Here I come to save the day!

Bandana skirt? Yeah, better in concept than in actual execution. I sewed them all together at about 11:00 last night, but didn't anticipate how wide it would actually be. So it may take some altering to get it to fit right... even with a drawstring. I was too tired to mess with it. Later.

Subliminal Thoughts
I say... and you think...
  1. Herpes:: eww
  2. Freddy:: Kruger
  3. October:: Halloween
  4. Hunting:: Good Will
  5. MSN:: messenger
  6. 36:: steps
  7. Hotel:: california
  8. Travesty:: seth
  9. Health:: conscious
  10. Conditions:: "as long as..."
Oops... it's actually The 39 Steps... but who's counting?

This site has some really cool photographs from Africa which I believe were taken by Edmund Heller in the early 1900's. Scroll down, they are along the right side. I like this one in particular.

Internet Public Library... seems like a good idea, but I'm not sure if would do more for you than say, Google, for instance. I haven't explored it much though, so don't let my opinion sway you.

A keyboard keyboard? I had never heard of this before, but I guess it makes sense. "Fancy yourself a rock star – the Creative Prodikeys can make your dream come true." Yes, I'm sure it will. "What’s more, you can put up a one-man band performance for your loved ones." Why do visions of Ross Geller come to mind?

Have I been living in a cave or watching the wrong channels? I hadn't even heard of this movie Luther that apparently just came out. With Joseph Fiennes, you would think I would have at least seen something about it. Connie and I are going to see it this weekend. (Look at me all planning in advance and everything.)


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