Monday, September 01, 2003

You're Takin' Me to Heaven... 24/7, You're Mine
Oh... my... goodness! The Dino cd I bought the other day came yesterday. I just drove around for an hour or however long and listened to the entire thing. I was amazed at how all of the words came back to me almost instantly. I listened to that cassette like crazy back in the day, and had dance moves for some of the songs. (Hey... I grew up with American Bandstand and Dance Party USA... give me a break.) Some of those beats would make great samples. (There are orchestra hits in abundance!) I just need to find someone who will share my enthusiasm. I need to call my sister.

A Couple of Firsts
▪ I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw this big, buff guy with a tattoo of... a grand piano on his upper arm. Only at a jazz festival, I tell you.
▪ Today, for the first time, I saw a tour bus towing an H2. Whatever.

Rosie Posie
I was out at Miss RoseAnne's tonight. We were helping her with some cleaning. I washed out the filter on her air conditioner unit... (Am I my father's daughter or what??) ...some people don't know to do that though, and it definitely helps to cut down on those little allergens.

Anyway, I told her I would go back out tomorrow. I just realized that I don't have shorts. I think I might have some in a container in the garage... but that means it's been a couple years since I've worn shorts. I wear skirts when it's warm... what can I say? I guess it's going to be a hot one tomorrow if I don't find those old ones.

Beginners Claymation... aren't kids cute?

While looking for a picture of a piano tattoo, I came across this interesting site about the Maori facial tattoos. (I apparently know nothing about the movie The Piano.)

Ka kite ano!


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