Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I just saw an ad for DSL at the top of my hotmail. The thing was that this picture was with it. What is that? An upside-down running tiger? Maybe there was some significance for it being like that... you know, "don't be caught upside-down with dial-up" or something. I don't know. I didn't read it.

Mom just sent me a picture of my brother:

There are two things I find shocking about this picture.

#1. Call me parental, but there is a shocking lack of helmet in this photo. (Okay I know he has one, but I'd like a little proof that he uses it. This is my baby brother we're talking about here.)
#2. You can actually see the shape of his leg. This kid normally wears pants that you could fit two of him inside. He's got this stupid metabolism that keeps him fit, but I cannot remember the last time I've seen him in such attire.

This morning I went to get some coffee, because I'm out of cream/milk/dairy substitute/anything. On my work-from-home day, I'm lucky if I get dressed before noon. But this morning it was a caffeine emergency, so I just threw on these drawstring pants and my goodwill youth soccer jersey. (I know nothing about the sport other than their jerseys make extremely comfy lounge clothes.) Looking a little trashy, I ran to the starbucks closest to my house that doesn't normally get a whole lot of traffic hoping to avoid being seen by anyone. Almost worked. I walked out the door with my coffee, and in the parking spot directly in front of me was a car with two people waving enthusiastically at me. Ugh. A client and someone I probably should have recognized. Oh well. Love me as I am.

Song for the Day:
Say Hello to the Angels
- Interpol
The breakdown about three minutes into it always makes me smile.
~Your hair is so pretty and red~


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