Tuesday, August 26, 2003

How Coincidental
Right along with the theme of thought yesterday, last night I happened to be flipping channels and stopped on the VH1 documentary on Warren Zevon. Pretty incredible to watch. Considering he wasn't always sure he would live to finish recording this latest album, I'm just genuinely happy that, as long as he hangs on until tomorrow, he will still here to see its release.

I Don't Need to Get on the Bandwagon... I'm Driving It
Not trying to toot my own horn or anything.... but what's up with three people in the last week asking me if I've heard Maroon 5 and/or telling me that they are good. Uhh yeah. I was talking about them back in March... I'm practically over them already.

This One's for You, Erin
Yesterday I had lunch with Collin. And I only mention that so that I can mention I introduced him to #14. That makes me laugh so much.

Unconscious Mutterings
I say... and you think...
  1. Bay:: Thunder Bay (canadian hockey team)
  2. Boarding school:: Laura Ingalls (did she go to boarding school?)
  3. Riddle:: Rob & Jeremy (that is their last name)
  4. Hunger:: We are the World (usa for africa, ya know)
  5. Allergy:: Manda (allergic to everything)
  6. Sponsored:: stock car racing (old school dirt track)
  7. Spin:: magazine (though I can't say I read it with any sort of regularity)
  8. Interest:: :) (like love interest?)
  9. Scrabble:: Grandma D.
  10. Mold:: jello (and not like moldy jello... but molded)
Sometimes It's Better Not to Ask...
So I found myself at richiesambora.com, and I was mesmerized by the end of the brief flash intro where it shows the string-picking for the "Dead or Alive" riff. I watched that for a stupid amount of time.


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