Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hans got me addicted to InkLink... sorta online pictionary.

Aaron the boy (not to be confused with Erin the girl) is a blogger now too. Wooo!

This just in... Viggo is still hot.

How the French Stay Slim. They eat less and smoke like chimneys.

Yesterday I had to pick up my boss and a client from the airport. Brought the bossman home and took the client back to his house because I had to pick up something from their office anyway. This man has such a kind and gentle spirit. His career spans 20 years and goodness knows how many albums. But most people don't know how amazingly smart he is... he has a doctorate and used to work at a planetarium or something. We talked about Mars... though he is more impressed with some pictures he took of Saturn. I guess I just felt priviledged to have that little while with him being a captive audience to soak up the knowledge he wanted to impart.

Last night was about street lights and fireflies. Had dinner with Karl's fam now that they are back in town. (I missed their kids!) We went outside after dinner, and all the kids were doing their own thing. One playing catch with dad. One on a bike. One stringing beads. I ended up playing frisbee with the cutest neighbor kid. Three years old at most, couldn't really throw it right... but man, we had fun running after it. It was the perfect evening.


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