Sunday, August 31, 2003

And All That Jazz
Connie and I went to the Music City Jazz & Heritage Festival today. If you were there, you probably saw me... I was one of the seven white people who were there. (Connie doesn't count as white since she was born in the motherland and all.) It was really really good though, and it was worth sitting through the scorching heat at the beginning and the pouring rain at the end.

Kirk Whalum played on a client's album recently, so he was who I really wanted to see. Amazing. So fun to watch. Spoke to him a bit afterwards -- such a kind and gracious man. It was a family affair with his brother Kevin joining him on vocals, his uncle "Peanuts" doing an awesome vocal solo and later was on sax, and his son Kyle on bass for a couple songs.

Meshell Ndegeocello was decent. I wanted to be more excited about her set than I think I really was. Can't blame them though; they came straight from the airport.

Jonathan Butler & Gerald Albright were incredible. That was who Connie came to see. Kirk joined them at the end, and it was great. And a surprise for everyone, Tommy Davidson jumped up on stage in the middle and sang "Happy Birthday" to Gerald, which was pretty impressive as well.

The best was afterwards listening to Connie and Jonathan speaking Afrikaans and seeing the look on his face when he realized who she was... "Connie... I used to sleep on your couch!" It was a really sweet moment.

But an afternoon in the sun has sucked the life out of me, so it's off to bed for this sleepy girl.


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