Thursday, August 08, 2002

We watched The Neverending Story last night. It came out in 1984. (It is different watching it when you are 25 than it is watching when you are 8, but it was still entertaining.)

The Princess Bride came out in 1987. I think that Miracle Max and Valorie were based on the old couple Engywook and Urgl in TNS.

For some reason, I felt like Southern-Oracle-like figures were used in an Indiana Jones movie or something.

Whenever Atrayu or Bastian was riding Falkor, it reminded me and Hans of Flight of the Navigator.

Anyway, good times. Perhaps you want to see the All Sci-Fi Neverending Story page. Or perhaps you want to buy the book... which I think I am going to do once I deposit my paycheck.

On the topic of buying books, I saw that Barnes & Noble University is offering a course on Book Collecting for Beginners. I don't know how interesting it would be, since I am not really thinking about the value of the book when I buy it, per se. I just like books, and someday I intend to have a library in my house (should I eventually have a house) filled with them. (I like this piece by Amitov Ghosh called The Testimony of My Grandfather's Bookcase.)

Song for the Day:
My Love is Your Love - Whitney Houston
(One of the wedding dance tunes we grooved to all weekend.)


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