Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Okay -- so here we go. Day by day highlights from the weekend of romance and joy:

Thursday, August 1st
Happy birthday, sweet nephew!
• Muffler fell off of car on the way to Michael's. Guardian angels at my tire place took car of it for me. It is now in my trunk.
• Read The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and half of Scribbling in the Sand on the way there.
• Was picked up from airport by Bridesmaid Amy. Went directly to fitting. The dress is beautiful... lovely blue -- and it fit! (Not too bad for measuring myself and calling the measurements in to her two weeks ago.)
• Bachelor & Bachelorette barbeque -- hawaiian-themed, as they are in Hawaii honeymooning right now. We also went bowling with the boys.
• We kicked the boys out and had our girl time. Chocolate fondue with some games... including the very hilarious word-scramble of Jenny's Top 10 Exboyfriends and Crushes. All five of us stayed at Jenn's house until Saturday.

Friday, August 2
• Nails, nails, nails.
• Picked up dresses... gorgeous!
• Rehearsal / dinner at the Arboretum.
• Megan (bride's sister), Amy and I planned a relaxation time for Jenn once we got home. She was a little stressed and cried on the phone with her mom. When she came upstairs, she discovered that we had cleaned her bathroom, drew a bath with lavendar salts, had a magazine (non-wedding related), towels, her razor, and pedicure kit waiting, had the place decked out in dozens of candles and had soothing music going. It was so neat, and she appreciated it so much.

Saturday, August 3
• Up at the crack of dawn.
• The bridesmaids fixed up their bedroom so that it would be a romantic loveshack for them when they got home that night -- lots of candles... a cd of the best love songs of all time... and the book she got for a bachelorette present.
• We all had up-do's done by a girl Jenn knows. Bobby-pin mania.
• Black limo came to pick us up to take us to the church. First time in one, I might add.
• Pictures -- mom and dad arrived. Yay!
• Wedding. Sob-fest. It was so sweet. Her brother and sister sang "Grow Old Along with Me" by John Lennon... ugh, beautiful!
• After throwing rose petals at the happy couple, we all ducked into a white limo to go back to the Arboretum for group pictures.
• Reception at Bayview on the lake. Good food. Good cake. Good fun.
• Wedding dance highlights -- dancing with the brides brother for the bridal party dance (I was his secret girlfriend when he was about eight years old), all the bridesmaids on the floor during "Devil with a Blue Dress On", attempting to box out the little girls so that Amy could catch the bouquet (though she ended up not getting it), and ending up laying on the floor doing the dance from My Best Friend's Wedding's opener "Wishin' and Hopin'".
• Jenn left the reception saying "if the house is a-rockin, don't bother knockin".
• Meg and I had a bobby-pin contest to see who ended up with the most --- she won... but I had 29 bobby pins and 24 hair pins.

Sunday, August 4
• Present opening party.
• Home again, home again.

It's hard to explain how wonderful it was... but I haven't had so much fun in a long time.


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