Saturday, August 17, 2002

Hans, Mick, Lisa, and I watched The Mothman Prophecies last night. Though not the biggest Richard Gere fan in the world, I enjoyed it for the most part. There was interesting use of camera angles and color that made it asthetically pleasing to me. I'm intrigued by the real story behind the basis of the movie. (This site answered my question of why the bridge actually collapsed.) Pizza, beer/cider, cheesecake, movie, and friends. Who could ask for more?

Friday Group Therapy 1.8
1. Tell us about your mother. (see below)
2. Tell us about your father. I think this can adequately be summed up with the statement: They rock.
3. Tell us about your siblings. If you had none, how do you feel about that? Older sister / brother-in-law, younger brother. They're cool. Especially now that we are older and don't have to hate each other anymore.
4. Tell us about your grandparents. Sweetest, most loving people ever.
5. Do you have a large or small extended family? (Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.?) How often do you see them? On mom's side, there are something like 23 actual cousins, most of whom are married with children... making it pretty huge. We have a big family circus every five years in my hometown. On dad's side, there are seven cousins now. (Happy birthday yesterday to cousin Will.) That side of the family is spread between Iowa, Arizona, Japan, & Australia... I can't remember the last time we were all together. Possibly Grandpa's funeral 14 years ago.
6. Is there anyone in your extended family who you are especially close with? Not really with anyone specifically more so than any of the others. I don't really see anyone on a regular basis anymore, since I'm the only one in this neck of the woods... so whenever I see any of them is a mad case of "catch up on your life".
7. Is there anyone in your family who you just don't get along with? Thankfully, no. There really isn't a "black sheep" on either side.

(The kids in my immediate family - 4th of July weekend)

Song of the Day:
Thunder Only Happens When It Rains - Fleetwood Mac


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