Monday, July 15, 2002


Feeling the after-effects of the Son of Beast -- "the tallest, fastest, and only looping wooden coaster on the planet".

That's right, we were at Kings Island all day yesterday, and we only got on two rides. The lines were impossibly long, and after waiting for 3.5 hours for one, it ended up breaking down right as we were about to get on. Grr. But Chanel and I did get on Face/Off before we had to leave... thanks to a security guard who walked us up the exit.

Highlights of Girls Weekend 2002:
• The traffic jam -- I got out and took pictures of the other girls in the car. We were stopped next to a bus filled with army men. And we got to see what happens when a pick-up truck ignites.
• The Kings Island experience
• The NB show -- although an I-beam was out on stage left, and it bothered me the entire show.
• The hotel worker guy who told us how to get to Steak&Shake.
• Lunch outside on the floating Fridays.

Theme song for the weekend:
Hot in Here - Nelly


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