Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Okay... so I didn't get back online. Here's a brief run-down for anybody who cares:

Friday, July 5
• Went to visit someone else I look forward to seeing everytime I'm home -- my chiropractor. Mmm... feels better now!
• Lunch at the famous and delicious Pizza Ranch -- best pizza in the midwest.
• Went with my nephew and mom to see Lilo & Stitch. Not the best Disney flick but still cute.
• Mexican for dinner with parents and brother & girlfriend.
• Ran into Nate, so went to watch The Emperor's New Groove with him and his friends.
• Stayed up all night playing Bubble Shooter. Addictive.

Saturday, July 6
• Went sailing all day in Yankton. It was hotter than all get out, but once we got on the water, it was beautiful. I sat at the helm for about 45 minutes with my cousin Will closeby in case I ran into trouble. That was such a powerful feeling. My favorite place was out on the bowstem dangling my feet over the water. My uncle took a photo of me doing the "I'm the King of the World" pose out there.
• Then on to the races at Park Jefferson. All the racers I used to know have moved on, but my friend's husband was racing and so was this lady from our church.

Sunday, July 7
• Church
• Lunch at Grandma's.
• Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.


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