Saturday, July 27, 2002

My heart is going out to the families of the minors who are trapped in the mine in Pennsylvania. In a way, it feels like a "Baby Jessica" story for a new generation.

In happier news... Ern is coming tonight... Ern is coming tonight!

Friday Five (.org)
1. How long have you had a weblog? Since September 2nd of last year. I was visiting Jack & Manda and started it there for some reason.
2. What was your first post about? Well, you can read it yourself. It was really kind of pointless, but I did not want it to be one of those "well, this is my first post" type of entries... nor did I want it to just say "testing".
3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? None.
4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? Blogger
5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place? I like those with a mixture of both. Straight up journals get kind of boring if I don't know the person and don't have anything invested in whether they get that job they applied for or not or whatever. At the same time, those that link to every article on cnn or salon with their own personal commentary gets a little monotonous after a while too. Yeah, you may be passionate about your views, but that doesn't make you interesting.

Friday Group Therapy 1.5
1. How well did you do in History class in school? I wasn't really into it at the time, so I didn't really want to do well. In high school I had Pfeister, which made it more interesting.
2. Who is your favorite historical "good" person? Catherine the Great
3. Who is your favorite historical "bad" person? Al Capone
4. Is there a historical event or era that has caught your imagination? The Middle Ages specifically in England and France.
5. If you could choose any historical time and place to live, where and when would you choose? Probably during the Renaissance in England. I'm not sure I'm completely cut out for all aspects of it, but I think of it as such a romantic time.
6. If you could go back in time with your present knowledge intact, where would you go and what would you do? Is this like a Quantum Leap type of question? Try to save the world by altering the course of history? That's tough. Maybe someone should go back to about 7am on September 11th and pull fire alarms at the world trade center.
7. Which version of the beginning of time do you subscribe to? (Big Bang, Biblical Creation, etc...) Biblical Creation
Bonus: Call and/or visit a friend or family member who you have not seen in a while. I haven't seen Erin since GMA Week, does that count? Actually, I have intentions of trying to get ahold of Mark this weekend... we haven't spoken in a good year or so.


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