Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Huge Beings List - You can't beat huge beings. And for the record, I have actually seen the giant Pocahontas, the giant Happy Chef, and the Jolly Green Giant.

I have been listening to Jimmy Eat World's Clarity today, which I think is far superior than Bleed American (aka Self-Titled). I actually have it on shuffle with Hans's stuff. (This is the first time I've listened to it with my peripheral speakers hooked up to the laptop, and it is even better than before. He is brilliant, and I'm not just saying that.)

Speaking of stuff from, I found out that Celldweller is on there. I first heard this stuff on Grant's producer reel last summer, and I took a liking to it for some reason. - be sure to take note of the Hall o' Famer towards the bottom. Hehe. He doesn't have internet, so I may have to print that page out and run it over to him one of these days. That's great.

Trailer for The Two Towers gets better every time I see it.

We had a gran mal thunderstorm here this afternoon, which ended up knocking out my modem for a time. It was worth it though. Amazing.

Okay, I'm out.