Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Door to Door, the story of salesman Bill Porter, was very well done. Quite touching. William H Macy did a beautiful job, and though I'm not normally a huge Kyra Sedgwick fan, she was lovely in the part of the friend. I had heard a story on Bill Porter some time ago. I am interestd in reading the book by Shelly Brady -- Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter.

I found this very funny. A Guide to the Menu at Starbucks: "Approaching the counter, you will notice two things; the rabid, smiling barista behind the counter and the unintelligible menu. These people behind the counter are really quite hyper; just as you would expect from someone who spends eight hours a day drinking coffee. Some of these baristas may also exhibit a superiority complex. Don't take any notice, though, as most of them are finishing up a masters degree in art history (or something) and very well may be as superior as they think."

I am in the beginning stages of a new project. (I come up withthese new projects all the time. Or rather, I come up with the concept of these projects all the time. I don't know exactly how many I actually follow through with. Is it possible to be easily bored and easily amused at the same time?) I'm going to research famous walls... (i.e. Hadrian's Wall, Great Wall o' China, Berlin Wall, et al.) for no real purpose other than to learn more about them. Maybe I could make it my goal to get a photo on or near them.

No Friday Five last week, but I stumbled across this Friday Group Therapy thing that seemed a little clever. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Friday Group Therapy 1.3
1. Tell us about your first concert.
I forget. My grandparents had season tickets to the shows that got brought in to the local college, and I went with them.
2. Tell us about your last concert. if I had done this on Friday, as is suggested, it would have been Dave Matthews Band last Tuesday. However, Saturday we saw Newsboys (and actually watched from the board for once).
3. Tell us about your favorite concert. I am going to have to go with Live in Grand Rapids at the then newly constructed Van Andel Arena. Their light show was spectacular, and Ed is such a beautiful man.
4. Tell us about your least favorite concert. Gin Blossoms at Luther College. What a bunch of self-righteous prima donnas! They were basically berating their sound guy the whole time I was there. (The show was in a gymnasium; I'm not sure what acoustics they were expecting.) I'm all about non-verbal communication between artists and technicians, and if you do need to say something into a mic about needing more vocal or something, be discreet about it. I left early.
5. What kind of music do you love? Anything original. I like music that is clever and intelligent... making use of interesting chord progressions and time signatures. Doesn't have to be of any particular genre. Although, I will always be a fan of classic rock. :)
6. What kind of music do you hate? I am so over all these acoustic-guitar-driven rock bands that are out right now. I don't like Creed. I won't listen to Lifehouse. I just don't dig those acoustic yet grungy bands that all sound the same. Come to think of it, I don't really like much of anything that is out on the radio right now.
7. How important is music in your life? Where would I be without it? Jobless, hobby-less, social-life-less, self-therapy-less.


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