Thursday, July 04, 2002

And today's Extremely Annoying Background Image award goes to..... Penseira Sinistra. Gah -- that's downright awful. I know they are going for that whole Matrix thing, but man, that's annoying.

I meant to post this profound thought yesterday, but it quite obviously did not work, eh?
"I would rather listen than talk, because I learn more that way. I already know everything I could say."

This is a funny item I found via The domain was registered... but someone else (someone with a weird sense of humor) took the liberty of registering

I have to link to this person simply because their horribly punny blog title made me look: Who let the Blogs out?

I'm leaving tonight! Yay! Four days of cornfield bliss, here I come! I am even refusing to take my computer with me -- but thanks to the glories of, I will still check in sometime Friday to make sure the place hasn't gone into self-destruct without me. (Though today the server is down and flights for Oklahoma need to be cancelled and flights to SWC need to be rerouted through Phoenix due to the flakey promoter there who keeps going back and forth... grrr. Only 5 more hours of this!)

come discover which fairy you are!

I'm Hello Kitty Water Fairy!

People I know might get a kick out of this: The Rockstar Game I just signed up myself, so I am not exactly sure what the point is... but hey, everybody wants to be a rockstar, right?

Song for the Day:
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
Just the best Zeppelin song ever. Ted was just playing it until the phone rang.

6 days until DMB.


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