Saturday, June 29, 2002

Where's Home - "An American woman's ruminations about whether to stay in Israel or to leave, and thoughts about what 'home' is." Gives an eye-opening perspective on life in Israel these days.

This is weird. Canadian who used to be a man is now winning women's competitions. This raises some obvious issues. Just because one does some reconstructive surgery in some areas, does not mean it necessarily affects the rest of the body. Does (s)he have an unfair advantage?

Danielle Dictionary
bunch·y adj. Worked up; "knickers in a twist". Eg. "No one has returned that promoter's calls, and now she is getting a little bunchy."

Song for the Day:
Gramarye - Remy Zero
Yep, I'm back on this kick again. Only I don't know who has my cd at the moment.

Coming Soon:
A project I've been thinking would be interesting to undertake... and now with the miracle of, it will be easy for me to bring you..... The Caffeine Log.


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