Friday, June 14, 2002

Random Tid-bit: I found out this morning via Thux that "the condom pack was the top selling merch intem, world-wide, on U2’s popmart tour and zoo-tv tour!" Interesting, eh?

I was exposed to the world of Baja Fresh earlier this week. It's a pretty amazing place, actually. ("There are no freezers, microwaves or can openers in our restaurants.") Ted got me a baja burrito that was quite a tastey lunchtime alternative. Mmm... cilantro. I feel like I might be craving another one, but I'm going to go see what's within walking distance instead.

The dude from Living Sacrifice is supposed to be coming in today. I just know he's going to come while I'm at lunch.

That is my chinese name. Or as close as I'm gonna get with a generator thing.

Bizarro site for the day:

Happy Birthday, Bil.


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